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Daily Archives: January 4, 2012

Lakeland earns B school grade again

Lakeland High School earned a B school grade for the third year in a row. The long awaited school grades were released to the high schools Wednesday, January 4.

In response to the grade announcement, principal Tracy Collins, said, “I am beyond proud of our students and all of  the staff.”

Bahler stays competitive in fun race

Teacher, Will Bahler, works on his grades during the school day. Bahler recently competed in the Tough Mudder race. Photo by Alexis Edmondson

Teacher and wide receiver football coach, Will Bahler, was born and raised in Washington, D.C. on Andrews Air Force Base. Growing up, Bahler was a good student making A’s in school. “My biggest fear was not meeting my parent’s expectations, and letting them down,” Bahler said.

Bahler hoped to coach college football or work in business later in his lifetime while he was growing up. Currently, Bahler is in his fourth year of teaching, as an ESE teacher. Bahler says he wants his students to understand that there is always somewhere in life to contribute, and that everyone has dreams. “Talking to my students on their level, and some things not pertaining to school are some ways I try to motivate my students,” he added.  He believes half of being a good teacher is being able to relate to the students and have good relationships with them.

Bahler says if he could choose any course to teach, “I would choose some type of business, economy, human resource or life skills class.”

Pacing himself, Will Bahler competes in the Tough Mudder in Dade City, Fl. Photo courtesy of Brightroom

While he is dedicated to his students, life is not centered around school for Bahler. He has been island hopping in Greece and traveled to Amsterdam, Holland. Recently, Bahler traveled to Dade City to compete in the Tough Mudder. Tough Mudder is a non-profit organization, which raises millions of dollars for the Wounded Warrior Project.

To prepare for this race, Bahler and his partner had several workouts and they both ran the lake to keep in shape to be ready to compete. Tough Mudder is an 11.5-mile race that includes 25 military obstacles designed by British Special Forces. In the race, Bahler wore a honey badger T-shirt and toe shoes. His favorite of all the obstacles was the dreaded 10,000-volt electroshock.

To get through the electroshock, competitors have to run through 10,000-volts of electrified wires dangling from above.  He says his least favorite part of all the obstacles was the ice bath, which requires athletes to fight through ice cold waters.

Bahler finished the race in three hours and 17 minutes.