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Daily Archives: March 12, 2012

Students enjoy Spring Break their own way

Spring Break is upon high schoolers across the country, and local students are ready for it.

“I think everybody [is] ready for a break, everybody needs it,” junior, Antone Moody said. This year Spring Break came two to three weeks earlier than last year and surprisingly, students were not phased by the change.

“It’s okay I guess, [it] really doesn’t make a difference,” junior, Austin Gatlin, said.

Spring Break can be different opportunities for different students, from visiting colleges or family to traveling out of state. Moody is going to Atlanta to visit several predominately black colleges in the Atlanta area.

Junior, Cory Fowler, said he is going to Key West to “spend time there and hang out.”

Gatlin is going on a family vacation to spend time in a cabin in Tennessee and is looking forward to being in nature. “It calms you and brings you peace of mind,” Gatlin said.

Freshman, Elexus Hurt is going to Michigan to visit family and old friends. Hurt is looking forward to leaving school behind, as she said she is specifically looking forward “to having a good time [and] just forgetting school for a week.”

To some, Spring Break is just time to kick back, relax and enjoy themselves.  ”[Spring Break is a] time to let out school frustration and have fun,” Moody said. Moody plans to have fun, hang with friends, and play street football over the duration of the break as well.

Spring Break will is March 12-16. School will resume Monday, March 19 with a fresh round of PERT testing and junior conferences, before Spring Florida Comprehensive Assessment testing begins in early April.

Dodgeball tourney a hit

Two seniors try to avoid the path of the nearest dodgeball during the Senior Dodgeball Tournament. Photo by Kasey Colson

The school year is nearing the end, but seniors are not about to let that get in the way of having a good time. The annual Dodgeball Tournament took place on March 7, in the gym during sixth and seventh periods.

This year’s team names were: Team Hammer, Dodge Fathers, The Naughty Dodgers, Party Rockers, The Pacmen, Uncensored, and Shut it Down.

Non-participating seniors and a select few underclassmen were invited to watch the action. “I love watching a good game of dodgeball, it’s so much fun and it’s also funny to see people get hit,” said DeAndrea Brooks. Brooks was rooting for Shut it Down.

Daniel Phillips, who was rooting for The Pacmen, had a great time seeing his friends get hit too. “I enjoyed every moment of the game. It kept me on edge and it was very entertaining. Also, it was definitely funny to see people get hit in the face, I didn’t get hit at all!” Phillips exclaimed.

Audience members had to be on the lookout in case of the occasional rouge ball. Some members of the audience did get hit.

Teams sign up prior to the tournament and design and purchase their own team T-shirts. The tournament format is traditional bracket play and it is complete with student referees.

The winner was Team Hammer. The team consisted of Tyler Howe, Raheeme Dumas, Ricquan (Mookie) Southward, Katie Russell, Megan Tyler and Taylor Hart.

For Hart, the whole experience was bittersweet. “The best part was not getting hit in the face,” Hart said. “The worst part though was knowing that this was one of the last senior activities of the year and that soon we would be graduating.” Other than that, she noted that partaking in this was a wonderful senior experience and she had a lot of fun.

The day ended with Laura Williamson, Senior Co-sponsor, handing out ice cream to each of the seniors as they exited the gym.

The next big event scheduled for seniors is Field Day, May 18. Seniors are able to form their own teams and must find a faculty sponsor as well. The event is held at Lake Bonny Park.