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Orientation offers multitude of options

Hailey Dickson and Wendi Richardson, of the Sy-Fy club, talk with an incoming freshman about the opportunities available. Photo by Kiara Aquino

Thursday night was the annual Lakeland High School freshmen orientation. The night started off in the cafeteria where LHS administrators spoke to the students about the campus and what is expected of students planning to attend the school  next year.

Tracy Collins, principal, spoke about the “endless opportunities” available for incoming students and the impact freshmen year can have on the rest of your high school years.

Freshmen orientation is only the beginning of what is to come for the eighth graders next year. Following freshmen orientation is pre-registration. If a student plans to join AP Human Geography, he/she must attend AP night as well, which gives the students an insight to what the AP class will be like.

Julia Kline, an eighth grader at Lawton Chiles Middle Academy, attended the freshmen orientation in hopes of, “getting to know the school better and also to interact with more people.”

Following the meeting in the cafeteria the soon-to-be-freshmen moved on to the gym where clubs and electives created display boards to, “recruit members for next year,” said Sheli Owens, junior English teacher. Owens is also in charge of Teen Trendsetters, a club whose members mentor elementary students in reading.

Various clubs, organizations and elective representatives were on hand to answer questions. Attendees were also given a brochure highlighting the different opportunities.

The purpose of the event is for incoming students to see all of the opportunities that await them. After seeing all of the opportunities Lakeland has to offer Jacob Evans decided to consider playing soccer and Kayla Hancock said she is considering playing volleyball her freshman year.